Available Artwork

rys bicentenary

 RYS Bicentenary 2015

This is the newest artwork for sale at the moment.

It sees Lionheart leading the way, albeit very briefly, at the start of the RYS Bicentenary 'Round The Island Race' 2015.  Velsheda very quickly overhauled her and never looked back, taking the race and the overall regatta.   This artwork is available through my London gallery - Rountree Tryon.  See 'Gallery Details' if you wish to contact them regarding this painting . . .


americas cup 1280px

America's Cup, San Francisco 2013

americas cup-410x410This is one of only two yachting artworks available at present.

It is of the epic fight back by Oracle Team USA in the 2013 America's Cup. Oracle overturned an 8-1 deficit to win 9-8 in the final race of the best America's Cup ever and what was described as one of the biggest comebacks in sporting history.

It is one of my best ever paintings and I hope I have done the spectacle and these incredible yachts justice...... 

I was given a massive honour, with this artwork being on the front and back cover of the Christies auction catalogue (the only time this has ever been done!).  This will also be the front cover image on the last volume of a 13 volume book on the America's Cup, due to be released in the very near future.  (Details to follow).  

As it is difficult to see good quality images on a website, if you are interested in purchasing the artwork and would like to see a better quality image, please go to the contact page and request a large jpg.