A list of the most recent events attended by Jamie, potentially leading to future paintings.

J-Class Regatta - Falmouth 2012

j class falmouth 2012img 0223

It had been in the planning for months, if not years and now finally it was here - The J-Class were back in British waters . . . and in Falmouth!  

The original field of six entries gradually dwindled, first with Hanuman (the Endeavour II replica) pulling out and then at the last minute, Endeavour decided against it too, leaving just the four of Velsheda, Ranger and the two new builds, Lionheart and Rainbow.  It was frustrating, for me and I'm sure for everyone else, but there would still be the biggest gathering of J's in British waters for over 60 years.

I have seen the J's before in St.Tropez, but to see four together in Falmouth was stunning!

A week of really varied conditions meant a whole range of reference material.  We started with a dull and relatively windless day on Tuesday in which Ranger got off to a good start to the regatta, beating Velsheda into second with Rainbow and Lionheart following up.  Lack of wind turned into complete fog on the Wednesday - so much so, that I didn't even think it worth going out.  Velsheda eased it by four minutes, but only a minute separated Ranger, Lionheart and Rainbow.  


J-Class Regatta - Solent 2012


The second J-Class regatta got off to a dull and windy start with winds touching 20 knots and gusting with building seas throughout the day.  This meant a rough and very wet day in a RIB!

Untitled-1The start of Race 1 saw the fleet split in two straight after the start with Lionheart and Rainbow electing to head for the North shore with Ranger and Velsheda taking the island shore.  At the weather mark, Ranger led by a short distance from Lionheart with Rainbow and Velsheda slipping back.  No dramatic changes followed and the four J's all crossed the finish within two and a half minutes of each other.

Race 2 of the regatta saw mixed conditions with a dull start, but with the odd shaft of light breaking through the cloud to light up the fleet beautifully.  Gradually, the cloud thickened and most of the race was overcast right up until the last few minutes of the race when the boats were heading downwind to the finish.  A hole appeared in the cloud and the sun hit full spinnakers making a wonderful sight!

The two new-builds got off to a clean start while the veterans both over-shot the gun and had to re-start.  After a long beat to Solent bank, Lionheart made the mark first, closely followed by Rainbow, with Velsheda and Ranger some way behind by this point after their poor starts.