godrevey-410x306Typically, prices for buying an artwork include gallery commission, normally around 30-50%, so if the gallery prices  do not suit your budget, you may consider a commission. You may also want something unique to you, such as your boat or your favourite place or view, go to Gallery/Scenics for some examples of my other work. Commissions can be tailored to your needs, dimensions, media, content etc, and will be personal to you!

Pricing is dependent upon the above criteria, but can normally be negotiated to suit your requirements and budget.

The commissioning process is totally unique to you and hopefully ensures you get exactly what you want.

If you are interested, if you have always wanted a painting of something personal to you, a completely individual gift for a special occasion, or that unique present for someone who has everything, please feel free to contact me to discuss details.  If you are thinking of something for a special occasion, please get in touch as early as possible, as there is currently a long waiting list and the process can take some time from initial discussions to artwork completion.

Please note, the copyright of any commissioned artwork remains the property of the artist and may be reproduced at a later date if suitable.

If the purchaser wishes to buy the copyright, they may, but at a similar price to the original artwork.


autumn kynance-840x274